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8 Crafts Using Junk Modelling

Wait! Don't throw it out! You could turn that toilet paper tube into something really cute. Play ideas and fun activities for kids, using the recycling....

TP Elephant - this toilet paper elephant couldnt be easier! Paint a toilet paper and some cardboard (an old cereal box would work!) grey and leave to dry. Cut out two ears and a trunk. Glue the features into place and add details with a sharpie

Elmer - next time you finish a jug of milk, don't chuck it out! Give it a rinse and allow to drain dry. Cut the jug in half around the middle and trim the handle a little to create a trunk, and cut some leg shapes in. Cover the milk jug in pva glue and show your child how to cover the surface in squares of brightly coloured tissue paper. Allow to dry before adding Elmer's features with a sharpie.

Faces - egg boxes make a great canvas for creating a 3D face. Which parts of the egg box can you use and transform into eyes or a nose? Enjoy this one and make some really funny faces.

Bee cans - Paint an empty tin with black and yellow acrylic paint before sticking on some bottle tops for eyes. Create wings by using any thing plastic that can be found in your recycling, here I used an old milk bottle.

Cork boats - bind corks together with elastic bands and give your cork boat a sail using a toothpick and some paper or card. Whose boat floats best? Can they hold a small toy or coin?

I Spy Jars - Use a plastic or glass jar and fill with rice, beads or dry lentils and a handful of crafting embellishments. Here I've used jingling bells that look like strawberries. I chose these as the extra sensory stimulation of the bells makes it a particularly intriguing play thing for a baby. Turn the jar and see if you can spy all of the elements within.

Aqua Faba Foam - You know the liquid that you get inside tins of beans or pulses? Don't let it go down the drain, instead strain it into a bowl and whisk it up! This liquid is called aqua faba and is such a fun (and taste-safe) sensory base - you can add food colouring too if you like... potion play, anyone?

Laces - learning to tie your laces is TOUGH! Why not use an eggbox to start out, that way you can see what should go where, a little easier!

Now you'll never chuck any recycling out without first thinking 'what can we make with this?'.

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