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Susie Robbins is a mother of three with a background in education. Susie has many years experience working with children who were deemed to be at risk of social or academic exclusion. By working with the children themselves, their families, school and external agencies Susie was able to coordinate a safety network of strategies, tools and techniques to best set the child up for success. 

By implementing an approach based on consistency, compassion and empathy Susie saw a huge success rate in the number of children who reengaged with education.

    Our Mission

    Susie believes that all children deserve compassion, empathy and understanding. However as a busy mother herself she also understands how overwhelming it can be to try to do it all for your children when you don't have the necessary knowledge or experience.

    Susie works with parents to expose the root cause of challenging behaviours, provide strategies to help soothe the fractures that have been caused and to reinstate some balance to benefit the whole family. These are the pillars around which Resolve to Play has been built.

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