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Do you feel stuck in a rut and that you're not enjoying your children as much as you would like to? Imagine being equipped with the tools to navigate the biggest of feelings, and the most challenging of behaviours. Sign up for top tips and advice on behaviour and child wellbeing - gained from years of working with disengaged children. Find out how we can mend our relationships and bring more play to your day, together.

Behaviour Subscription

  • The Toddler Edition

    35min workshop to support parents and carers
    • Downloadable workshop presentation
    • One off payment
    • Discover the 'why' behind typical toddler behaviours
    • Get equipped with strategies and techniques that WORK
    • Learn how to best support your child during these behaviours
    • Improve your relationship and connect more with your toddler
  • Behaviour Matters

    Every month
    Ongoing in-depth support for families.
     3 day free trial
    • Video library - tips to resolve 52 common behaviour issues
    • Monthly 1:1 - let me help!
    • Video interviews with additional professionals
  • Boosting Self-Esteem

    Strategies that have been proven to boost self-esteem
    • Pre-recorded downloadable presentation
    • Unlimited streams so you can view it as many times as needed
    • Science and research based evidence
    • Tried and tested techniques to boost self esteem
    • Further reading recommendations
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