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Resolve to Play
Behaviour Consultancy and Emotional Wellbeing Advocate

At Resolve To Play, we understand the challenges that come with raising a child and the pressure that parents experience every day. We offer guidance, support and tools to help parents navigate the complex and constantly changing world of parenting. As parents ourselves, we know how demanding and exhausting being a parent can be, and that's why we take an approach that emphasizes compassion, empathy, and emotional literacy in our behaviour consultation.


We provide a unique and individualized approach for each of our clients. We work closely with parents, helping them develop practical strategies to handle difficult situations with their children and create a healthy and harmonious family environment. We guide parents through each step of the process, providing them with the support and resources they need to understand and manage their children’s behaviour.

Play Your Way to Happier Days


Here, at you can find beautiful and meaningful resources that will strengthen your relationships with your child and support their emotional wellbeing! 

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