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Does your child ever feel overwhelmed by their emotions? Do they ever have outbursts, seemingly out of the blue? Have you ever wondered how to best guide them through the murky waters of feelings and emotional responses?


The Happy Days diary is the perfect first step for your child to recognise how they are feeling, and how to best manage these emotions. This digital version encourages a daily practise of gratitude and reflection. With one activity a day, for a period of six weeks (the length of time required to create new habits) it allows space for mindful creativity and empowers your child to make choices that enable them to self-regulate in a happy and healthy way.


Not only will the Happy Days diary inspire your child to become more self aware and self compassionate, but it will also have a hugely positive impact on the rest of your family as a result, as your child learns what works best for them.


The Happy Days diary has been designed to do with your child from 4years of age, or independently from 6-12yrs.

Happy Days Diary Download

  • This product is a digital file - you will receive the link to download it in your email receipt. This link will expire after 30 days so please do download and save it to your device immediately.

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