Baby Play Through the Senses gives you 40 fun new ideas of ways to stimulate your baby's senses, through play!

£15 download here.

Baby Play Through the Stages has 40 play activities which support your child's natural physical development.

£15 download here.

Baby Play Bumper Pack is one download containing both the Senses and Stages activities, at a discounted price.

£25 download here.


'Spending more and more time at home, It's really nice to just follow a simple guide and know exactly what to do. More time for playing, less time aimlessly scavenging for ideas. From taste safe sensory play to DIY musical instruments, this pack has it all. Let's get to playing!'

Myriam, Mothercould.

Winter Play is a collection of ideas and activities that will support your child's learning and development. Suitable for young children aged 1-5yrs this play pack brings inspiration from the Winter season to your daily play.

£15 download here

Christmas Play contains 24 Christmas themed activities and 24 Advent activities to do with all the family.

£12 download here

Bumper Winter Pack  contains both the Winter and Christmas play activities, as above.

£25 download here


'This seasonal play pack is just what we all need to ignite our festive spark.'

Daisy Upton, Five Minute Mum

'Packed full of incredible activity ideas that are easy to set up, but fun and meaningful for children.' Alice, Reception Teacher.

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School Ready is a downloadable course that covers ten topics to support your child's transition from pre-school, to Reception class. There are three supporting activities for each topic and the course has been a huge success on Patreon this Summer.

£15 Download here.

Testimonial from a member of the School Ready Patreon group:

"During such difficult times, it’s been a huge relief to follow Susie’s program and know that my son is being well prepared for full time school. As well as the simple yet well thought out activities and discussion prompts, Susie is on hand to offer help, advice and a calm perspective on any other concerns I have during the process. Thank you"

Mindfulness for Kids Course

This course has over 30 calming and empowering activities for your child, to support their wellbeing and to encourage Mindfulness. 

This includes a FREE bundle to prepare your child for the 'New Normal' they will find when returning to school and will encourage healthy ways to process and soothe themselves if they find this difficult.


Download the Mindfulness for Kids Course here 


"It's fabulous. Lots of great ideas. I love the explanation about the brain at the beginning and the social story is fab."

"Great ideas for sensory play and I really liked the chapter on growth mindset. Very helpful!"


Autumn Play

This fun play pack covers seven topic areas and has over 35 activities for using seasonal and natural resources within your daily play! Get out into nature and explore!


"So many great ideas that I can do with both my children that don't require any set up! Thank you!"


Download the Autumn Play pack here

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Resolve to Play New Normal Cover Website
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Let's Play is a motivational support group for parents who are passionate about play but have lost their mojo and need a nudge. Come and join our wonderful community on Facebook


"Susie is always on hand to provide inspiration and support with play. She encourages us to think about our children in terms of what works best for them and plan activities accordingly. The group and the challenges set help to put play at the forefront of our minds with the hustle and bustle of daily life"

"Working-and-solo-parenting-from-home has left my brain fried and devoid of creativity. Resolve to Play gives me that little tap on the shoulder and a whisper in the ear to say ‘why not try this today’ - and hey presto, we have an interested and engaged toddler and some Mama headspace. Thoroughly recommend for play inspiration!" 


Workshops on play and pedagogy in early childhood delivered in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

"We loved having Susie speak as part of our Wednesday's Child series. She was engaging and inspiring, her ideas were original and fun!"


Adeline Vining, owner Heirloom Cafe and Maman of two.

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