Spring Play

50+ ways to bring Spring into your daily play, includes ideas for indoors and outdoors. Suitable for 1-7yrs. 

£15 download here.


Easter Play

39 ways to celebrate Easter through play. Suitable for 1-7yrs.

£15 download here.


Spring and Easter Play Bumper Pack

A single download with both Spring and Easter play packs, comprising of 90 play activities at a discounted price.

£25 download here.


'There are some activities that build long lasting memories, and those are the kind that you'll find in this pack. I feel that after the year we've had where we've learnt to appreciate the world around us more, the Spring pack brings together education and play in a very befitting way.'

Ola Pelovangu

Toddler Play

60 Ideas and activities for you to play with your toddler to support their natural progression and development.

£15 download here.

Schema Play

40 suggested ways to play to satisfy your child's schema play.

£15 download here.

Toddler and Schema Play Bumper Pack

a single download with both Toddler and Schema play packs, at

a discounted price.

£25 download here.


'As we find ourselves at home again, Susie has created this pack, full of different ideas to help keep your toddlers busy!'

Becky aka Becky's Treasure Baskets.

A closer look at Spring and Easter Play
Resolve to Play Spring Play.jpg
Resolve to Play Easter Play.jpg
Resolve to Play Spring and Easter Play.j
Resolve to Play  Toddler Cover.jpeg
Resolve to Play Schema cover.jpg
Resolve to Play Toddler and Schema Pack.
Mindfulness for Kids

40+ Calming and Empowering Activities to promote Mindfulness and Wellbeing in our Children.

£15 download here.

£1 from every sale donated to Young Minds - the UK leading children's mental health charity.


'This pack shares some excellent and practical resources with parents that allow you to connect with your child more deeply, whilst simultaneously equipping them with the skills they need to navigate life in the 21st Century.'

Adrian Bethune, Author of 'Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom'

Baby Play Through the Senses gives you 40 fun new ideas of ways to stimulate your baby's senses, through play! Priced to reflect Maternity Pay Allowance.

£10 download here.

Baby Play Through the Stages has 40 play activities which support your child's natural physical development. Priced to reflect Maternity Pay Allowance.

£10 download here.

Baby Play Bumper Pack is one download containing both the Senses and Stages activities, at a discounted price. Priced to reflect Maternity Pay Allowance.

£18.50 download here.


'Spending more and more time at home, It's really nice to just follow a simple guide and know exactly what to do. More time for playing, less time aimlessly scavenging for ideas. From taste safe sensory play to DIY musical instruments, this pack has it all. Let's get to playing!'

Myriam, Mothercould.

Winter Play is a collection of ideas and activities that will support your child's learning and development. Suitable for young children aged 1-5yrs this play pack brings inspiration from the Winter season to your daily play.

£15 download here

Christmas Play contains 24 Christmas themed activities and 24 Advent activities to do with all the family.

£12 download here

Bumper Winter Pack  contains both the Winter and Christmas play activities, as above.

£25 download here


'This seasonal play pack is just what we all need to ignite our festive spark.'

Daisy Upton, Five Minute Mum

'Packed full of incredible activity ideas that are easy to set up, but fun and meaningful for children.' Alice, Reception Teacher.

Resolve to Play Mindfulness cover.jpg
RTP Baby Senses Cover.jpg
RTP Baby Stages Cover.jpg
RTP Baby Full Cover.jpg
Resolve to Play Winter Cover.jpg
Resolve to Play Chrismas Cover.jpg
Resolve to Play Winter Bundle Cover.jpg


Let's Play is a motivational support group for parents who are passionate about play but have lost their mojo and need a nudge. Come and join our wonderful community on Facebook


"Susie is always on hand to provide inspiration and support with play. She encourages us to think about our children in terms of what works best for them and plan activities accordingly. The group and the challenges set help to put play at the forefront of our minds with the hustle and bustle of daily life"

"Working-and-solo-parenting-from-home has left my brain fried and devoid of creativity. Resolve to Play gives me that little tap on the shoulder and a whisper in the ear to say ‘why not try this today’ - and hey presto, we have an interested and engaged toddler and some Mama headspace. Thoroughly recommend for play inspiration!" 


Workshops on play and pedagogy in early childhood delivered in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

"We loved having Susie speak as part of our Wednesday's Child series. She was engaging and inspiring, her ideas were original and fun!"


Adeline Vining, owner Heirloom Cafe and Maman of two.

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